In the 1st round, the team with the better finishing position in the standings is the home team. After the 1st round, teams flip before the game for home team except for the 1st champion ship game. In that game, the team with no losses (winners bracket)is the home team. In the regular season, teams flip for home team before each game no matter where the game is being played. At doubleheaders, each team is home for 1 game.

Bat rules remain the same -3 oz....If anyone is caught using an illegal bat a dead ball out is declared and the bat is thrown out of the game. Wood bats are allowed.

Each team can bat 9,10,11 or 12, but whatever # you start with you must finish with. The E.H. players can have unlimited substitution with anyone else in the field who were in the original line up. The League does NOT use the DH rule. The normal re-entry rule for other substitutes is in effect. If a substitute enters a game for any position in the starting lineup, the original player can re-enter once. The substitute is then out of the game and can not return. If you have an injured player and you have no other substitutes, your team will be allowed to declare that spot in the lineup an automatic out and the team can continue to play the game. A game can not end on an automatic out. The next player in the lineup moves up a position and the game continues. You can not start or finish a game with less than 9 official players, under any circumstances.

Automatic intentional walks are in effect.

All players must be in full uniform and MANAGERS AND COACHES must wear at least a uniform shirt or organization shirt to be on the field.  This means looking like you coach the team not some guy from the stands.. No dirty, ripped or wore pants will be allowed on the field. This is a league rule and not an umpires decision. A player who is coaching on the lines, must wear a batting helmet.

To clarify the call up provision: If a team has other teams from the SAME organization playing in the NASSAU BABE RUTH league, the older team is allowed to bring up any player or players from a younger team to play on the older team as long as that player does not pitch. A younger team is NOT allowed to bring down an older teams player or players under any circumstances. Any team bringing up players must only bring up players on the younger teams official roster. This rule is also in effect during the playoffs.

Pitchers once removed from the mound can not return to the mound in the same game. A manager or coach can only visit the mound once in an inning. The second visit to the mound means that the pitcher must be removed from the mound. There are no other pitching rules in the league. Use your common sense.

Ten (10) run mercy rule is in effect after 4 1/2 innings.

During the playoffs, other than the mercy rule, all games must be played to completion. If for any reason they are stopped before a full game is played, they must be started at the point of stopping on the next available date. Be careful of your lineup upon restarting. The lineup that was in effect at the suspension is still in effect.

Other than local league rule changes, official National Babe Ruth League rules apply. The complete Babe Ruth League rules are posted under LINKS and on the National Babe Ruth website.


Nassau County Babe Ruth League has and will continue to operate on the TOWN concept in terms of establishing territorial franchise areas. It is recognized that school district boundaries cut across town boundaries in a way to make them unworkable.

1 - A town heretofore will be described as an area established by commonly accepted map boundaries. Zip codes and accepted street boundaries will serve as the parameters of a town in a dispute.

2 - An existing franchise may take players from any town provided there is no established Nassau All County Babe Ruth franchise using the town as it's base area.

3 - An open franchise area may have several adjoining active franchises. As such the area will be considered open to all in their recruiting efforts.

4 - When a new team joins the program from a previously open franchise area, players who have played on existing teams have 2 options; stay in their own town, or stay on their old teams under a Grandfather's Clause. New players may not be recruited from the new franchise area.

5 - Players attending Catholic or private schools are considered part of the town in which they reside, not where they attend school.

6 - New teams cannot enter the program from previously established and active franchise areas. They may come in as additional teams under that franchise. Towns may not be split to accommodate new entries at the expense of established franchises. New teams entering the program have the same rights as established franchises in regards to their protected franchise area.

7 - Teams may recruit in towns which are not directly adjacent to their own towns. In other words, a town not directly contingent can be considered open territory.

8 - Nassau based teams may recruit in Suffolk and Queens County. Conversely Suffolk and Queens teams may recruit in Nassau County. While not encouraged, teams may recruit in these areas to supplement their franchise area rosters.

9 - A team MUST have 51% of its rostered players from it's established franchise area. The rest of the team may come from open areas which do not have a franchise team entered in Nassau County Babe Ruth League.

10 - When it becomes obvious that a player from one town wants to play in another franchise area a waiver may be granted, provided this intertown waiver is agreed upon by both franchise Presidents or Team Managers.

11 - Players may not be allowed to tryout where they wish without the proper waiver.

12 - A team may have waivered players from only 1 established franchised area. No team may have on it's roster waivered players from more than 1 community regardless of circumstances.

13 - Waivers are something which are not to be encouraged. However, when it becomes apparent that personality problems are going to keep a player from participating, a league presidential waiver may supplant an intertown waiver, if league balance is not in jeopardy.


Effective immediately, the League will be following the High School bat weight to size rules, which allow a -3 ounce difference between length and weight. This rule was instituted to correct the confusion that has developed between Babe Ruth League rules and our own League rules. The umpires will be enforcing this rule when the bat size is challenged. Wood bats are allowed.

If an individual team forfeits MORE than THREE (2) games during the regular scheduled season, that team will not be allowed to participate in the end of the season playoffs.....

We had hoped that common sense concerning smoking on the field would prevail, but due to some misconceptions of what the field is, we are instituting this rule:

There will be NO SMOKING while on the field or in the dugout area by any player, coach, manager, parent, fan or bat boy. The penalty for this infraction could lead up to expulsion from the game and the field.

If you do not play a game due to a forfeit, rainout, or any other act of nature or for any reason whatsoever, please let me know the reason why the game was not played.....Please remember that any game that is started but is cancelled due to weather before it is an official game is considered a TIE game and both teams receive 1 point......Also report to me if umpires show up late, or only 1 umpire shows up or none at all.....All games listed on the computer schedule on LIBaberuth.com.com are the official games.